Georgia Trails: Doll’s Head Trail is a trail you’ll never forget!

Atlanta truly has many gems to enjoy and even though many of them may be in the form of roof tops, bars, restaurants and clubs, it’s still known as the city within a forest. With that stated, the city has a vast amount of amazing trails to enjoy. But out of all of them Constitution Lake Park is probably the one that you will never forget all due to it’s spooky, yet ingenious Doll’s Head Trail and will probably be a great trail to visit if already in the Halloween spirit.

Located at 1305 S River Industrial Blvd SE, Atlanta, GA 30315, Constitution Lake Park sits in the cut of Moreland Ave. If you have ever taking Hwy 42 south like you’re driving to Clayton County, you have probably passed this park 100 times and never even knew it was a park in the area. Right in the middle of an Industrial Complex, this park of walking trails and marsh lands is honestly a great place to get away from the city while being within the city. But the part that will make never forget this place is the Doll’s Head Trail. This trail is probably about a half a mile of some of the most weirdest things that have been left in nature.

Started by artist Joel Slaton in 2011, this quirky trail is a reminder to all to pick up your trash and to leave with what you came out with. In the trail it’s a sign that states, “One of the purposes of this trail is to highlight the trash that’s been dumped in our environment not to encourage folks to contribute to the problem.” Just reminding people not to add to it, but if you find random trash within the park feel free to add to the sculptures, or make your own to add to the Doll’s Head experience.

I think the best part about this trail is actually reading many of the quotes that people have left on items. “I took a walk in the wood and came out taller than the trees. – Henry David Thoreau,” or “It’s what people know about themselves inside, that makes them afraid.” Many of the quotes gives you chance to think deeper about the world and where you are all while being engulfed within world that could be the setting of a Tim Burton film.

When it comes to spooky art pieces you will have no problem with find those throughout the entire pathway. From an eye bleeding doll with sticks in it’s hands, an very aged doll with Linda Blair Witch Project written on a broke vast of some sort, or the guitar playing Elmo that has been beaten up by the weather and nature. The best way I can describe this park is that this place for parks is what the Clairmont Lounge is for strip clubs in Atlanta.

You may come here, but more than likely you’re coming for the experience and to say you’ve been to Doll’s Head Trail. Will I go back? Definitely so, but more so just to chill out, or a short date walk, or “smoke within nature”.

Have you been to Doll’s Head Trail? Let me know and if not check it out.

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