Georgia Trails: Sweetwater Creek State Park (Red Trail)

Sweetwater Creek State Park has many places within it that will allow you to find your peace while there. From simply just relaxing on the lake, to taking trails that can put you right along Sweetwater Creek, this is definitely a great place to get reconnected with nature and get grounded.

One thing about Georgia is that it doesn’t lack, in any way, place for you to enjoy nature. From being in the North Georgia mountains, to tubing the many river and creeks the state has to offer. To even hitting the beaches, seeing waterfalls and even a couple of canyons if you’re down for the excursion. To make matters even better, If you’re in Atlanta, GA, none of these experiences are too far. Better yet, many of them can be enjoyed within the metro Atlanta area. Sweetwater Creek State Park is one of those locations that can be a quick drive from the heart of Atlanta.

Located about 20 – 25 minutes west of Atlanta, Sweetwater is a pretty popular state park that is sure to help you get reacquainted with the world around you. So popular that many films and T.V. series have been shot there. Such as Avengers: Infinity War, The Hunger Games, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, No Good Deed, Cobra Kai, Atlanta and more! But don’t be fooled by the word POPULAR. This Douglas County, Georgia park can be great for the family, or simply you wanting to get away from people.

Most times when me and my wife have gone to the park we mainly went to the lake. Simply because it’s relaxing. Even though it may be a popular spot, most times the lake never had that many people there, or at least it didn’t feel that way, because this park is HUGE! But with my recently new love of hiking, we decided to hit the red trail at the state park and we definitely found where most people were going when they came to the park.

It no way near is crowded as Stone Mountain if you’ve every been there, but we was surprised to see how many people was hitting the trail, but it was a Saturday. Saturday as anyone can imagine is most times busier that usual for many places. As we started the trail, we found ourselves almost walking with a group, but in about 10 – 15 minutes we found ourselves by ourselves because of it being so much space, plus their are so many things to see throughout the trail. From small walk off paths, to the Manchester Ruins that was destroyed during the Civil War, to simply just nature.

One thing about the red trail that will love if you love water is that the entire trail runs parallel to Sweetwater Creek. You talking about peaceful. The sound of the creek flowing throughout the trail can make all conversation just want to stop, or you may find youself just simply walking on to the rocks within the creek to bask in the sun while the creek flows below you.

The trails is about a mile and a half long and if just wanted to take the path will probably only take you about 45 minutes to an hour. I’m sure for most people though, you will spend a couple hours hear to take in the surroundings. It was many times, were we just went to the shoreline and stood by the creek just to relax. Other times we say people, playing in the water, having lunch, having group conversations and more!

One thing I will state about this place though. It is a kid friendly environment and is a pretty chill trail to take, but I will recommend to have the proper shoes and please remember to bring and eat before coming or while there. I ain’t gonna lie, at this point I’m pretty good with hiking in a lot of place and when I looked up the trail it was listed as easy and very minimum incline. So I decided that I could probably eat something after we left it. WRONG IDEA!

Yes it is minimum incline, but it’s an area that will bring you to some stairs once you go down those stairs it can get very rocky. So yes you will be at the same level for most of the trail, but you can find yourself having to get very physical to get yourself over those rocks for about a half a mile. On the way back, I found myself definitely needing to add something to my system just to give me a little energy. Luckily my snack having wife had a granola bar that probably taste like a filet mignon at the time.

But will we be back? If you know anyone who has gone here, I’m sure all of them will tell you they go pretty often, ESPECIALLY if you feel like staying within the metro area. So YES, I will definitely be back to enjoy the trail as well as the sounds of Sweetwater Creek.

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