Snoop Dogg Launches ‘Doggyland’ A YouTube Channel That Helps Kids Learn Social And Emotional Skills

Snoop Dogg is known for a few things… but now the Hip Hop icon has launched a YouTube channel called ‘Doggyland – Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes.’ Even though some things Snoop Dogg may have dealt with in entertainment industry may not have been family friendly, lets not forget that the now Death Row Records owner is a family man. On this kid friendly YouTube channel, Snoop looks to help kids to learn social and emotional skills with Hip Hop infused nursery rhymes.

Playing a character named Bow Wizzle, he shares twists to some of your favorite nursery rhymes and also the importance of loving yourself with his 4 colorful friends Wags, Yap Yap, Chow Wow, and Barks-A-Lot. Kids channels on YouTube have come a major success and it makes perfect sense that a music legend would figure out a way to get into it.

From the likes of shows like JoolsTV, Gracie’s Corner and Cocomelon, this is another Kids YouTube channel that is quickly catching attention as ‘Doggyland’s’ “Wheels on the Bus” video has already gained over 1.5 million views with it’s other videos gradually growing.


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