Black Men Frolicking Is Great For Your MENtal Health

Have you seen Black men frolicking on TikTok and Instagram. If you haven’t, in the words of my wife, “Get Your LIFE!” What started out with one video posted by ThexSadxOptimistic via TikTok, has now turned into a frolicking frenzy of black males getting their mental health right as they frolic through fields of grass. Something at first that probably started off as just simply being hilarious has now turned into a moment of black men just simply letting go of judgement and just loving life. Watching the videos have made me also want to get my frolic on, but also came to understand the health benefits frolicking also provides.

If being out in nature isn’t already enough, Frolicking can actually provide more for your mental and physical health. After seeing a few of the videos of black men frolicking in fields, parks, backyards, etc. I felt it was definitely my time to do the same. Taking my socks and shoes off and heading out my back door, I simply enjoyed the sun rays on my face, my feet pressing into the soil and grass and the pleasure of pure joy coming over me. I should have done this a long time ago and may just keep frolicking thing in my back pocket for as a future mental health weapon to feel at ease.

Some of the benefits I came to realize from frolicking are these below:

Euphoric Emotions:

While I took the time to frolic, right before and during I had a rush of excitement and happiness. It almost felt like you was doing something taboo, but was simply good for you. That rush of joy is something I can truly get use to and it accomplished by frolicking probably for only 10 seconds. I’m pretty sure their is no way in the world that someone can frolic and look pissed. If so, you are definitely from somewhere elseā€¦

Stress Reliever:

What actually made me want to frolic is truly have been feeling overwhelmed. With completing work, getting certified in a new field, being a very active father and being a loving husband. Today was just one of those days where mentally, I almost stepped out of my body and just felt like, when will I have time for me? Kind of down, I said a few affirmations to refocus myself and wanted to do the frolic video, but was a little to busy previously.

Well today came the day. My daughter went to grandma’s house and my wife was in our office working. Right now, is my time for me. With that stated, I went to the backyard and frolicked for a second and I swear it felt like all of worries had went away. I didn’t care if the neighbors were looking, my wife somehow had a spider sense that I was doing something crazy and saw me frolicking. I DIDN’T CARE! Plus she’s definitely seen me do crazier things. But in all, after laying on the grass with a smile from ear to ear, I felt all my stress was gone.

Crazy enough, that was all that was needed for me to continue having a productive day.

Grounding (Earthing):

Earthing (also known as grounding) refers to the discovery that bodily contact with the Earth’s natural electric charge stabilizes the physiology at the deepest levels, reduces inflammation, pain, and stress, improves blood flow, energy, and sleep, and generates greater well-being.

While frolicking, try taking off your socks and shoes and allow your feet to feel the grass below you. This is an experience within itself. Don’t worry about if you need a pedicure, or if your feet are ashy, just get reconnected with the earth below you.

Icebreaker For You To Come Out of Your Shell:

When I use to be in marketing in advertising, I first started out by doing photography at events. I may not seem like it, but I am very much a introvert. So when being on the scene of events, I came to use my camera as the icebreaker to get me out of my introvert shell. I use to just walking up to people and asking did they want to take a picture. In the entertainment industry, 9/10 times everyone is going to say yes because most people are trying to become known, or stay relevant some way, some how. Taking the picture allow me to get to know that person, or get their info, know who they were, or talk to someone I may have already knew. It was my icebreaker to come out of my shell.

With frolicking, I felt it did the same thing. Almost like going to a networking event and they tell everyone to introduce themselves to something they didn’t know. Frolicking made stop caring about if someone was watching me, or if I was being judged while frolicking, etc. Afterwards you partly have a “I don’t care what people think of me” type of attitude, but of joy.

So if you’re feeling down and need to clear your mind. I suggest you take a frolic and see how your mood changes instantly.

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