Defeat Anxiety With These 14 Affirmations

Anxiety, a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Anxiety is simply the fear of the unknowing. Many people allow anxiety to set in due to being worried about all the negative things that can happen. To defeat anxiety, you have to train your brain to do the opposite. The best way to begin conquer anxiety is simply understand your strength and helping yourself to understand that you will be ok. Affirmations can allow you to gain that support and courage to get through those endearing times.

Out of many things, anxiety is one thing that can quickly make people start substance abuse simply to escape the feeling of it. But the one thing that has to happen to defeat anxiety is understanding how to control your thoughts. This is the beauty of affirmations. Affirmations can assist you in hitting a switch in your mind to help you focus different and accomplish a better thought process that helps you get through troubling times easier.

Anxiety is that one thing that feel everyone feels at some point in time, but how all of us choose to get through it is a different story. In my pass, I truly didn’t understand how to control my anxiety could lead to me wanting to have a drink, or drink(s), smoking, or could even make me aggressive when dealing with people. At least for the third situation, I knew that couldn’t continue, but also knew the first one’s isn’t health as well.

One thing I came to believe is no matter where I’m at I have to be able to take a mental vacation when I feel my mind may be getting the best of me. This is where affirmations, breathing and simply just having a few minutes to myself can have a great part in my mental health.

In those times, a few affirmations can be very helpful to remember just to try to redirect your thought process. Think of them like that hype man who is getting you prepared to get into the ring, or when you’re down in a game and you need a little pep talk to get your performance to 100% to come back and win the game. Affirmations are just that and in this case, it can be exactly what you need to finish out the day, meeting, event, etc. strong.

Remember a few of these affirmations in times that you feel your anxiety getting the best of you. Also don’t forget to take deep breaths.

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