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Lebron James Is The First Active NBA Player To Become A Billionaire

Lebron James officially becomes a billionaire. To add to it, he is the first active NBA player to make this status. With four NBA championships, three Olympic medals and 18 NBA All-Star appearances, LeBron could have easily just settled with being a basketball legend, but he set out to be even more!

Recently reported by Forbes, after having an incredibly lucrative year as he raked in a little over $121 million. This pushed him right over the bar to become a billionaire. Michael Jordan was able to break a billion after he retired, but is now worth $1.7 billion, after coming down from $2.1 billion in 2020. Some of his main endorsements included Nike, Gatorade and Haines, plus his investment in the Charlotte Hornets.

LeBron James’ basket ball career has brought in more than $385 million for the Akron legend, but King James wealth also comes from business ventures and endorsements which include Nike, Walmart, Beats by Dre and the Blaze Pizza chain.

The best thing about this is James has been known to not keep his wealth for himself and looks to progress his community that he was raised in. In 2004, James founded the LeBron James Family Foundation to help the lives of children in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. Also in 2018 he opened the I PROMISE School, which is geared to help at-risk students and their families in Akron.

Congratulations to LeBron James and we wish you much continued success.


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