South Carolina boy gave up his Disney World money to feed Hurricane Dorian evacuees

A South Carolina boy gave up his Disney World money to feed Hurricane Dorian evacuees. Right before his 7th birthday on September 8, Jermaine Bell took the money that he has been saving to go to Disney World and went and bought hot dogs, chips and water to help feed evacuees that were coming to his city to escape the destruction of Hurricane Dorian.

“The people that are traveling to go to places, I wanted them to have some food to eat, so they can enjoy the ride to the place that they’re going to stay at,” 6 year old, Jermaine Bell tells WJBF. “I wanted to be generous and live to give.”

Doing just that, Bell stood along hwy 125 in Allendale, SC with a sign that stated, “Dorian Evacuees FREE Hot Dogs & Water”. Bell was able to help and served nearly 100 evacuees.

To make matters even better, Bell even took the time to with a family that truly needed the love. “He actually even prayed for a family while they were here in reference to their house being okay when they got back, so that was really tear dropping,” says Aretha Grant, Jermaine’s Grandmother.

During this time, Jermaine’s Grandmother wanted him to understand how blessed they are that they are blessed to be a blessing to others.

After Hurricane Dorian passes, Bell hope his birthday celebration can still happen. As he looks forward to going to Animal Kingdom to see lions and to have a Lion King themed birthday party.

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