“I don’t want others to suffer like I did.”: BOXING Legend Frank Bruno is Opening A Mental Health Center

Boxing legend, Frank Bruno is opening a mental health center so that others don’t have to go through what he went through. “I don’t want others to suffer like I did.” Frank Bruno tells The Sun. “Lost three years of my life” the former world heavyweight champ feel after he was being sectioned and put on high-strength drugs for his mental health.

At the ago of 57, Frank feels his experience has inspired him to make sure that people can get control of their own lives without having to take the drug route. “If you ask for help because you are depressed or feeling a bit low, 99 times out of 100 a doctor will prescribe you pills and pack you off home. That’s not right for a lot of people.” he tells The Sun.

The boxing legend who was dethrone by the young Mike Tyson on February 25, 1989 was last section in 2012. Even when he was allowed to be treated at home, doctors still tried to give him a ton of drugs to keep him doped up. He feels the turning point didn’t happen until he was capable of persuading doctors to cut his dosage.

Now he has been medication free since 2016 and gives exercise, healthy living and mindfulness all the credit. His center will open in Standens Barn, Northampton and will be through his Frank Bruno Foundation. Checkout more on his mental health center at www.thefrankbrunofoundation.co.uk

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