8 Month Old Rings Chemo Bell After Beating Stage 3 Cancer

When it comes to one of the worst things a person can through it has to be cancer. Well even though it is a battle many of us hope we will never have to face a 8 month year old is showing the world that if you do go through it, it can be beaten. 8-month-old, Landon recently was able to ring the Chemo bell at Golisano Children’s Hospital as he defeated stage 3 cancer.


Golisano Children’s Hospital posted on their Twitter account, “Landon was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer when he was only eight months old. After surgery and chemotherapy, he celebrated the end of his treatment earlier this week by ringing our chemo bell! Congratulations, buddy! #FeelGoodFriday”

Congratulations Landon!



Written by Sirenity Today

Our main focus is to be able to change the perception of black men in the world as well as create a community of black men who are willing and wanting to be leaders for the future. We look to do this by focusing on the problems we never discuss that pertains to the mental health of black boys and men. Nothing can change, if we don't change our mindsets.

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