Portsmouth Sheriff’s Office hosts a father-daughter dance for incarcerated dads

The bond between a father and a daughter is one of the strongest bonds ever. So when it goes to eight inmates PORTSMOUTH, Va they were more than excited as the Portsmouth Sheriff’s office hosted a father-daughter dance for the incarcerated dads.

When in jail, sometimes the littlest things can give you the strength to continue to get through your sentence. Out of many things, family is probably the number one thing that many inmates will say helped them to stay focus. Well on Father’s Day, eight dads had some time to return to their fatherhood for a while as Portsmouth Sheriff’s office held a father-daughter dance for the dads.

The Portsmouth Sheriff’s Office teamed up with Men Alleviating Negativity foundation to break the thought that all inmates are bad. Many are brothers, sisters, mothers and today they understood that some are even loving fathers. During the time, the dads and their daughters played games, listened to music, and even had a sit-down dinner together.


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