Suicide prevention hotline to get three-digit phone number

A Suicide Hotline number has been available for awhile now, but many feel that it should be a lot easier to dial. Which truly makes perfect sense. If we are able to call 911 in situations we consider emergencies, then a suicide hotline number should be able to be access just as fast. Well this may be in the works sooner than we think as The Federal Communications Commission plans to move forward with establishing a three-digit number for the federally-backed hotline.

Recently, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai intends to follow a staff recommendation for establishing a three-digit dialing code, which may be 9-8-8, to reach the network of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The number for the hotline right now is 1-800-273-8255 (TALK).

“There is a suicide epidemic in this country, and it is disproportionately affecting at-risk populations, including our Veterans and LGBTQ youth,” Pai said in a statement. “Crisis call centers have been shown to save lives. This report recommends using a three-digit number to make it easier to access the critical suicide prevention and mental health services these call centers provide.”

Let’s be honest. People barely even remember their best friend’s, or significant other’s number at this point with smartphones. So this means, if someone felt they were going to commit suicide, they would have to Google to find the number and that if they knew it was a number. A three digit number would make this MUCH easier and easier to promote so that people know that they are not alone and can get help with one quick call.

Trust me, you never know what people are going through till this situation hits home.



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