Black Dads Line Up To Greet Elementary Students On First Day Of School

Imagine being in elementary school and your mom set you out to catch the bus. Nerves of being in a new class and thoughts racing about how your new teacher will be. At this point you could just need a little encouragement to start your day. As you jump off the bus, trying to find a sign of hope you are greeted by a line of black dads (maybe even your own) who are ready to shower you with support, high fives and positive words. Well this happened for some Mississippi elementary students as dads line up to greet them on their first day of school.

About 20 dads welcomed the bright eyed students on their first day. Lined up at the entrance of Barack H. Obama Magnet Elementary in Jackson, Mississippi, black dads line up to make a “tunnel” for the students to come through as they showered them with huge smiles, high fives and affirmations.

“The inspiration behind it was the want for our kids to know their dads believe in them and support them,” Parent Teacher Association president Rashad Williams tells CBS News. “It has shown to have a huge impact on the first day jitters and new kids’ confidence.”


Posted on Barack H. Obama Magnet Elementary PTA Facebook page, they posted pictures of the event with the caption, “A tunnel of WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) were on hand to greet our scholars on their first day of the 2019 school year.”

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