New Law Lets Students Take 5 Mental Health Days This Year

Everyone could use a mental health day and even more probably need a mental health vacation. Well for one school district in Oregon they are making the focus of mental health a priority for their students.

Supporters of the new law state it will give support for kids of all ages. According to Lane County Public Health, they completed a survey on health teens revealed that many of their students skip school because of mental health issues that pertain to anxiety, or depression. With this new law, students will be able to take up to five mental health days in a three-month period.

“They’ve had to come up with excuses for how to take care of that and this gives them the opportunity to be very open and be very honest about what’s going on in their life,” said Doug Gouge, with Lane County Public Health.

With the being pushed, this should also raise the concern as to why schools need counselors and therapists. With suicides on the rise in children and young adults, we need to focus more on handling mental issues, rather than just getting over our mental issues.

Do you think more schools and more states should pass this law?


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