N.C. Teen Registers Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Lovers To Vote

For the past couple of weeks, Popeyes has been the talk of the town as they debut their new chicken sandwich that has had everyone talking. From hilarious memes, to social media debates, Popeyes has reached over $23 million of free publicity from word of mouth. One North Carolina teen saw the hype, but better, saw an opprotunity to better his community and went out to make sure those Popeyes chicken sandwich lovers were registered to vote.

17 year old and co-founder of Imagine This (an organization that promotes college and career readiness by serving high school students throughout the community.), David Ledbetter took to the street this past weekend to make sure his fellow neighbors in N.C. were registered to vote. Right now, the best place to go to hit the masses is the parking lot of any Popeyes restaurant.

On social media Ledbetter stated,

“Today we were registering individuals to vote while they were waiting in line to try the @popeyeslouisianakitchen chicken sandwich. Make sure you’re registered to vote!✊🏾🙌🏾 @sneed4schoolboard”

Where many have made complaints about the lines at Popeyes, or people just wanting to see what the hype is all about, Ledbetter and the Sneed campaign made lemonade out a situation that may truly help their community.

“I once attended a caucus meeting in Charlotte and I noticed the lack of young people present. I wanted to start an initiative to allow more youth to become politically involved so I thought registering people to vote and handing out information on voting would be the best way to engage,” Ledbetter states to Because of Them We Can.

While out there, Ledbetter found out more people at Popeyes were registered to vote than expected. During their time there he was able to register 16 people looks forward to help more registered.

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