Charlotte Father Hits The Streets And Receives Multiple Job Offers

One of the scariest thing to think of for many people is what would you do if you lost your job. If you add that you have a family to that situation it may even make you light headed just thinking of it. Well a Charlotte father was hit with this exact situation and took matters in his own hands and hit the streets to get his resume in the right hands.

After applying for a plethora of jobs online.  Michael Bridges, 28, and the father of 2 decided to take matters in his own hand and hit the streets. Standing at an intersection in Ballantyne, North Carolina, with a sign that stated “Laid off! Need a job. Take a resume. BA and MBA.” Bridges was determined to get an opportunity to show a company what he was capable of after being laid off due to his previous job losing their largest contract.

After spending 2 days outside, passing out over 50 resumes and going viral on social media and catching the local news attention, it seems that Bridges hard work has paid off. “I have 100 missed emails,” Bridges states to wbtv.

While going viral, Bridges received encouragement from people all the way from Canada and get this. He has also received a job offer from a company in SWEDEN! “Just as long as you remain humble and hungry, your determination will see it all. I had a lot of determination so that’s why I stood out there and I put my pride to the side,” Bridges said.

Right now, he is in discussion with his wife so that he can make the right decision for which offer to take. CONGRATULATIONS MICHAEL BRIDGES!


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