Netflix Close To Getting Eddie Murphy For A RAW Standup Comeback?

It has been over 30 years since Eddie Murphy released his standup comedy, RAW. Now after releasing a plethora of movies, playing multiple characters and in the works of filming for Coming To America 2, Eddie Murphy and Netflix may be coming close to an agreement for him to do a new standup. Get this, the amount that is being stated is that it may cost Netflix roughly $70 million and Mr. Murphy is worth every penny.

In the 80’s, Eddie Murphy had already become a house hold name as he played in movies such as 48 Hours, Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop and The Golden Child. But he gained a lot of attention as being an even more hilarious comedian when in 1987 he released his standup comedy, RAW. Directed by¬†Robert Townsend, RAW was filmed at the Felt Forum venue at Madison Square Garden. Rocking a sparkling blue and black leather outfit, Mr. Murphy showed that he can out do his Delirious standup (1983). As he did, RAW still to this day is the #1 stand-up film of all time.

This is why Netflix knows that they have to go big or go home. With close sources to Murphy, they tell TMZ that they are still in the works, but was not able to confirm an exact figure. Netflix is definitely known for getting a list of comedians to come out of retirement and do stand up. Recently they just added Mike Epps, Marlon Wayans and Katt Williams. That doesn’t even include comedian and legend Dave Chappelle who was able to get $20 million per each of his three award winning specials. Plus Chris Rock who took home $40 million for his two-shows.

With this standup though, I wonder how ‘RAW’ Eddie Murphy can be today?


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