These 2 Bros. In The Kitchen Use Their Baking Skills To Help Charities

Brother Shane and Nigel Mushambi shows that when you are called to do more, you do more! With their company, 2 Bros. in the Kitchen the 13 and 12 year old duo take their creative baking skill and help to support charities.

Starting their business after winning a local baking competition three years in a row, the two brother figured to do more for a community that has done so much for them. For every cake or cupcake they sell, they donate part of the proceeds to charity.

“We like giving back to the community because the community has given a lot to us,” says Shane in a interview with abc13. “We give to Fort Bend Cares and the JB Dondolo Foundation, which is trying to rebuild a hospital in Africa.”

Even though the two middle schoolers could stop there and I’m pretty sure everyone would be proud of them. They set their minds to learn even more as they are also taking college courses. With both of them having a love for math and science, they feed their need for more knowledge by taking college course at Houston Community College. Shane (13) is taking college-level math and engineering courses and Nigel (12) is taking a pre-calculus course in the fall.

Recently, the duo published their first book, Beyond The Kitchen: How to Cook Up Success with Life’s Mistakes, which helps to inspire other young people who may have an entrepreneurial dream to go for it.

“It’s about our failures that we’ve made in the kitchen and how we learned from them,” said Nigel. “It teaches how you don’t have to be perfect to succeed,” said Shane. “It’s okay to fail as long as you learn from it.”

These two guys are an inspiration for everyone, not just kids! If you would like to know more about their company, check out 2 Bros. In The Kitchen.


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