When it comes to rapper who have shown that they can thrive in other areas other than the music industry, Nasir Jones a.k.a. Nas is definitely one you have to admire. Recently announced on his Instagram account, Nas is set to release a kids book series titled, ‘I Know I Can‘.

Delivering the information before he released his ‘The Lost Tapes 2‘ project, Nas delivers the announcement in a post that states, “@massappeal Welcome to #MAJR #KIDS —- a new kids line presented by Mass Appeal. Education starts at the crib. Tap in ➡️ @majr“. Even though we don’t know what the books will be about as of yet, I think the team up will definitely be dope it is named after Nas hit song, “I Know I Can.”

For MAJR, their mission on their IG account states, “Our mission is to inspire future generations through the creation of unique toys, apparell and innovative learning tools.” This isn’t the first time Nas has team up with a company, or have invested in a company. Actually whatever Nas touches, or should we say, Madas, has turned to gold.

Nas’ company Queensbridge Venture invested in Pluto-TV and just acquired by Viacom in January for $340 million. Before that, he invested in the online pharmacy PillPack that was bought by Amazon for a reported $1 billion. These 2 things are just a couple companies he has touched.

Jay-Z may not be the only Hip-Hop billionaire for two long. We look forward to see how Nas will to inspire children with his book series.


Written by Sirenity Today

Our main focus is to be able to change the perception of black men in the world as well as create a community of black men who are willing and wanting to be leaders for the future. We look to do this by focusing on the problems we never discuss that pertains to the mental health of black boys and men. Nothing can change, if we don't change our mindsets.

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