Marshawn Lynch Holds Free Carnival Event For Kids In Oakland

One thing that everyone should know about Marshawn Lynch is that he loves his Oakland community. After investing in property to combat gentrification in the Bay Area,  the former Raiders player and Oakland native throws a free carnival event for kids in Oakland.

If he was coming towards you on the football, you may be scared out of your mind if you had to stop him from scoring, but the 5-11, 215lbs running back has a heart of gold. Tuesday, July 16, Beast Mode held a carnival for the kids in Oakland. To top it off, EVERYTHING was FREE!

With the help of Oakland native and NFL cornerback, Marcus Peters, the two made sure all the kids was able to enjoy all the rides, food and festivies without any of it being a financial burden.

This is what success is all about. Bring it back to the community that helped you to become the person you are.


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