Chicago Teen Gets Accepted To 30+ Colleges, Receives over $1 Million in Scholarships

With hard work, Chicago teen Stephen Christopher Thomas has been accepted to more than 30 colleges and has received over $1 million in scholarships.

Graduating from Chicago’s Bogan Computer Technical High School, the 17 year old senior was taught by his mom, Ericka to create his own story. “No matter what life presents you just go for it. You write your own story, we know there are narratives out here about our Black boys but it is our responsibility to change that narrative,” Ericka states to NBC Chicago.

With those words of encouragement, Stephen took that inspiration and excelled in high school. Graduating with a 4.47 GPA while also being a part of several clubs and organizations. College acceptances include school such as Loyola, Northern Illinois, DePaul and more. While speaking to Fox 32 Chicago, Thomas states that he is leaning towards North Central College wants to be a psychologist.

“Their is a lot of mental issue and problems that aren’t address in the world and sometimes all it takes to save a life is someone to talk to.” states Thomas.

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