Paisley Park Opens Up On The 5th Anniversary of Prince’s Death

One thing I live by now in my life is. If you have the money to get concert ticket of an artist you love. BUY THAT TICKET! I came to feel that way after I passed up buying my wife and I tickets to see him perform at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. Who would have known that after his April 14, 2016 show, Prince would pass away a week later after coming seriously ill.

On April 21, the world fell to their knees to hear that Prince had passed away. Now 5 years after his death, Paisley Park will open to the public.

“Prince’s passing remains incomprehensible to all of us,” said Alan Seiffert, Paisley Park executive director, in a written statement. “We celebrate his life and legacy every day at Paisley Park, a place that Prince wanted to share with the world. So, on this day especially, we acknowledge the incredible force and inspiration Prince is in people’s lives and open up our doors for them to pay their respects.”

Paisley Park released a statement via twitter:

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