Black Owned Cybersecurity Startup, Lumu, Raised $7.5 Million

On March 10, black owned cybersecurity startup, Lumu, announced that it has finished their Series A round of funding with the amount of $7.5 million.

Lumu, which is based in Miami, offers a cloud based service that helps companies to continually scan and process data that compromises the system in real time. Other than helping company to almost elimate a system breach, but it also allows them to automate responses.

“While attackers have become adept at covering their tracks once inside the network, they also must themselves use the network to move around, leaving trace remnants behind that become obscured amidst all the network noise. The LUMU solution was purpose-built to sift through massive amounts of network metadata in real-time, detect the telltale signals of compromise, and illuminate those network blind spots with pinpoint accuracy,” said Lumu CEO, Ricardo Villadiego.

The company looks to use the funds to help with sales and marketing initiatives and more research and development.


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