Single Dad Once In Foster Care Adopts 5 Siblings

Robert Carter was put into foster care at a very young age. To make matters worse, he was able to reconnect with his siblings for years. As he got older, he took on the courts and was able to reconnect by receiving custody of all of them. This year, Carter remembered his own pain from being separated from his siblings and definitely wasn’t going to let 5 kids who were siblings know what that pain feels like. So Carter’s to the situation? He adopted them all.

Robert Carter, who spent years in Cincinnati’s foster care system, told Fox 19 that he is relieved and grateful that siblings Marionna, Makayla, Robert, Giovanni and Kiontae will be in a loving home and have the opportunity to grow up together.

“My mom had nine kids, and I didn’t see my youngest [sibling] again. He was two. I didn’t see him again until he was 16, so for me going through that, I knew how important it is for them to see each other and be around each other. When I had my boys before I got the girls, that’s all they talked about was their sisters,” Carter said.

All it takes is one person to change someone’s world.


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