Stranger buys basketball hoop for child after seeing him shooting in a trash can.

Devin Hinkston, 30, is just a guy who loves to do good deeds for people when able to. Recently while driving through the town of Alexandria, Louisiana, he spotted a young boy shooting a basketball in his driveway. When he looked closer, he noticed that the young boy was using a trash can as a basketball hoop.

At that very moment, Hinkston decided to change that young king’s situation by buying him a basketball hoop. Pulling up to the house after buying the hoop, Hinkston was greeted by Patricia Williams and her 8 year old grandson Jeremiah who were excited to see him with the hoop.

“I always do [random acts of kindness],” Hinkston states to GMA. “I’ll see kids in the corner store and I’ll buy all of them something to snack on. I’ll see a homeless person and buy them a bomber jacket or some food. I just never post about it on social media because that’s not the reason I’m doing it. I do it from the heart.”

Jeremiah had a basketball game later that day and ended up scoring 12 points that help to lead his team to a victory.

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