SirenityToday Speaks on Black Men Crying, Self-Love, “I Love You” and More w/ 1 Queen and 2 Kings

SirenityToday.com’s own Jerry White got the opportunity to speak to the trio, Queen Nana, Brian and Miri about the mental health of black men on their podcast, 1 Queen and 2 Kings. If you are looking to be informed all while having the laugh of your life, this is definitely the podcast to tune in to. During the interview, Jerry White speaks on the perception of black men crying, needing to talk to kids more about self love rather than putting the focus on bullying. Plus the power of using the phrase, “I Love You” and so much more.

To add to it, listen as I go down the rabbit hole of hilariousness with them as we get into the topic of midget fetishes, shaved, or not shaved… as well as the power of having a beard.

Checkout The Podcast Here, or via Spotify

If you are a black man are looking to connect to other black men in the discussion of our mental health, connect with AODVillage on social media. Pluse connect with AOD (Art of Depression) each Wednesday at 9pm as leader Mike X leads the discussion of how we can overcome mental health via ZOOM.

ZOOM Video
Starting – March 4, 2020 – May 6, 2020 (10 Weeks) πŸ‘‘ For Access to The Village Text β€œAOD” to 470- 869-0890 πŸ‘‘ Join AOD on Microsoft Teams – http://bit.ly/2PgiUmB

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  1. Thanks so much again for joining us and sharing your perspective on mental health as it relates to black men. We enjoyed having you on the show!!!

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