Huggies Receives Praise For Featuring Black Father And Daughter On New Diaper Boxes

Black fathers everywhere should take a little time and enjoy this win today. In a world where we wish we had more media representation of black fathers in their children’s lives, the diaper company, Huggies heard us loud and clear as they feature a black father and daughter for the very first time on their new diaper boxes for their eco-friendly line.

If anyone is on Instagram (as most of us are) you will definitely know that they’re many IG pages that love to focus on black fathers and the representation of black men. From The Dad Gang to The Black Man Can, plus hashtags like #BlackDadsMatter, all show that BLACK FATHERS ARE PRESENT! Media has portrayed for the longest that black men are not there for their kids. It’s time that changes and when we get a win, we have to celebrate it.

huggies-black-father-daughter-diapers-2Huggies has received much praised as they decided to use a black father and daughter for the first time for their diaper boxes. In a Facebook post, dad Joe Flowers Jr wrote, “Huggies went and put a blackc father on the package of their diapers. This is a first in history, look how far we’ve come. I’m about to buy these for no reason whatsoever.”

I feel ya, Joe.  I have a 2 month old daughter and she probably aren’t going to be able to fit these for another year, but I’m not missing out on having a box of these.

Thank you, Huggies. Hopefully more companies will understand that representation is everything.

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