Bay Minette, AL First Grader Becomes Honorary Police Officer

Want a story that will warm your heart? Well in Bay Minette, Alabama a first grader is making a name for himself as he becomes an honorary police officer for his school. With a police vest on and a pair of handcuffs, 6 year old, Braylon Henson, can be seen walking down the hall and checking classrooms to make sure the school is safe.

Reported by CBS 46 in Atlanta, this all came about as the school’s School Resource Officer, Ronald Saladin, noticed that Braylon was staying inside when all the students would be outside during recess. This lead to Officer Saladin asking Braylon for his assistance as he did his foot patrol. “I noticed his classmates were out there playing and he was in here by himself,” Saladin states to WKRG-TV. “I let him come walk with me because he felt left out.”


Braylon wasn’t able to go outside in weather above the temperature of 74 degrees due to having a rare disease called ectodermal dysplasia and was born without sweat glands.  So while his friends where outside playing, Braylon had no choice but to stay in. But now, due to SRO Saladin, Braylon takes action and helps to make sure the school is safe and secure.

From tagging along with Saladin, teachers state that they have also seen an improvement on his grades and attitude. “It’s definitely a blessing, like it was meant to be,” Saladin states about his buddy and the new Sheriff in town.

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