30 Ways To Promote Your Business For Free

To build a business will ALWAYS take work, but sometime we don’t have the money needed to grow it like we want to in the beginning. This is when information and creativity are some of the best tools you need to kickstart your business to the next level. When starting a business it is not about trying to find shortcut if you don’t have the funding, but you may need to find things that are less cost effective. If you are willing to put in some “sweat equity” you can still reach that goal you are looking to reach.

One of the biggest things for most businesses is reaching more people to let them know about their business. I feel no matter what business someone has, marketing has to be done to help growth. Many times people feel that marketing doesn’t need to be done, or can be very expensive. Even though it came be, their are many ways to keep that spending down.

Here are 30 ways to promote your business FOR FREE!

1. Facebook Page

2. Facebook Groups

3. Facebook Live

4. Facebook Stories

5. Facebook Events

6. Facebook Watch Parties

7. Messenger

8. Instagram Posts

9. Instagram Stories

10. Instagram Live

11. Instagram Reels

12. YouTube

13. YouTube Shorts

14. Blogs

15. Guest Blogging

16. LinkedIn Posts

17. LinkedIn Messages

18. Email Marketing

19. Affiliate Marketing

20. Twitter

21. Twitter Spaces

22. Short Video Platforms

23. Host a Podcast

24. Pinterest

25. WhatsApp Business

26. Fiverrr

27. Snap Chat

28. Host A Webinar

29. Google My Business

30. Quora

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