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15 Black Male TikTokers You Should Follow

Even though their weren’t any black men on the Highest Paid TikTok Influencers of 2022 list that came out, I think it’s time we try to change that. TikTok has a plethora of black men to follow who I feel aren’t chauvinistic, or toxic. Honestly I could have made this list much longer if wanted, but figure to put together a list of 15 Black males you should follow on TikTok and that I already follow.

This list is in no such category or type of content that these black men produce. For instance, LevertTheBassman is man who is a pure source of information and history. He was one of the first black men that I started to follow when I came on the app and I have NEVER been disappointed with the information he has been able to provide, even if it was heartbreaking at times. Or Forrestsautoreviews, If you love Supercar Blondie who does reviews on some of the hottest cars, you will love Forrest Auto Reviews. This guy reviews exotic cars as well, but also gives you reviews on vehicles that have been released recently, or that one car you just can’t wait for it to hit the market.

One of my newest accounts that I have started following that I’m just impressed with this young dude is Glojays. This guy started with going through the street of Atlanta and interviewing homeless people to capture their stories and to let the public know that they are people too. Too also doing test experiments and gifting the kindness of others as well. If you are looking for words of inspiration., you need to checkout TerryKaye as he will give you your dose of motivation that can help you to start off your week correctly. I swear each week I want to repost a video of his on my IG account. But I think the most entertaining page I follow and if you love nature/animals, this page is just for you. Checkout Mndiaye_97. This guy will have you cracking up with the informative information that he can provide about animals, all at the same time being scare sh*tless to even want to put your foot into the wilderness.

But enough of fanning out on these black men content creators check them and more below:

15 Black Male Tik Tokers To Follow:

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