CES 2022 News: Oledcomm launches the LiFiMAXTab®

The High-speed internet via invisible light, ultra-secure and without radio frequency waves, takes another step forward at CES 2022.

No more need for a dongle, here is the first Android tablet with integrated LiFi!

After MyLiFi® and LiFiMAX®, Oledcomm, the French LiFi (Light Fidelity) nugget, is extending its product range by launching at CES 2022, LiFiMAXTab®, the first Android tablet with natively integrated LiFi.

The tablet completes the company’s range of Access Points, Photonic Antennas and USB dongles, bringing LiFi within reach of every household for use in home offices.

Benjamin Azoulay, President of Oledcomm explains:
“As every year since 2018, Oledcomm accentuates a little more its leadership in the field of LiFi by offering the first Android tablet with integrated LiFi thus bringing LiFi to mobile devices and accessible to all.
The tablet allows all family members to connect to the Internet via invisible light, providing a robust, stable, radio frequency-free connection with a signal that cannot be intercepted outside the room.
LiFiMAXTab® is ideal for home office use, for parents and children at home or at school.”

As a reminder, LiFi (Light Fidelity) technology allows you to connect using light. LiFi transmits data by modulating light signals from a light source, a process invisible to the naked eye. LiFi has a latency 100 times faster than WiFi.

The tablet has an integrated LiFi module with 150Mbps downstream and 150Mbps upstream.
In addition, Oledcomm has achieved 3Gbps point-to-point at a distance of 1 to 5m in 2021.

The LiFiMAXTab® will be available at a price of €400 excluding VAT from February 2022.

About Oledcomm

Oledcomm is a French company, Spin-Off of the University of Paris-Saclay and leader in light-based data exchange solutions (LiFi). Benjamin Azoulay, a pioneer of intelligent light at Philips, is the President.
Oledcomm has filed more than 32 patents (supported by France Brevets).

In January 2018, Oledcomm launched MyLiFi®, the first LiFi luminaire accessible to the general public, which received two innovation awards at the CES in Las Vegas (Tech for a Better World and Smart Cities) and is currently on display at the Electropolis Museum (Museum of Electricity) in the “Digital BIG BANG” space.

In January 2019 Oledcomm presented the first prototype of LiFiMAX® at the CES in Las Vegas, and thanks to the positive feedback, the product went on to the industrialization stage.

In October 2019, Oledcomm was ranked by Forbes Magasine, 13th/100 among the most innovative French Tech companies.

In 2020 and 2021, LiFiMAX® has been installed and tested by more than 500 projects worldwide and has been tested and validated by ORANGE for Cybersecurity level.

In June 2020, Oledcomm is selected by the French National Space Research Centre to provide a demonstrator for the future Ariane launcher.

In September 2020, Oledcomm launches LiFiMAXEducation®, an offer dedicated to schools, colleges and universities, and equips the Lycée Palissy in Gien, the first classroom fully equipped with LiFi.

In April 2021, Oledcomm is certified ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015.

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2021, Oledcomm launched an integrated circuit (ASIC) that enables native integration of LiFi in tablets, PCs and smartphones.

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