Fight Depression In These 5 Ways

It’s officially holiday season and even though many people are preparing for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, many will deal with depression. During the holiday season, it is known that it is one of most depressing times for many people around the world. From the cold weather, maybe not being able to be with family and friends as well as the financial stress of not being able to purchase gifts that you may want to get for others.

One thing many people who are dealing with depression needs to know is that you are not alone. Depression is a mental illness that effects about 1 in 6 people and affects even more at anytime throughout the year. Depression affects people in many ways, but is treatable IF the person takes the time to acknowledge that they are depressed. Depression is not a sign of weakness and no one should be ashamed of it.

In times that I have felt depressed, I have notice that I may distance myself from everyone, or not go to social events even more and simply find myself just wanting to be in my own space. For some, this may be a positive thing, but when I see that it’s becoming a norm for me, I know that I need to take some time to work on my mental health. In these circumstances here are 5 things that have helped me to get through depression.

  • Go Be With Nature
  • During this holiday season, the fall is THE BEST TIME to go checkout nature. Especially if you are near Mountains. This is the time where the leaves begin to change colors, its not to hot and nature simply sounds peaceful. Sometimes what you mind needs is a clear space to just think without any interruptions. For myself, I’ve come to realize that the tranquil sound of nature and a few sun rays can help your mood change. Find a local, or take a short road trip to a place that you feel would be a great hike and just allow yourself to take in the world around you.
  • Doing Good Deeds For Others in Need
    Doing a good deed for someone doesn’t mean you have to give every single homeless person you see money. Sometimes it literally just seeing someone who may need assistance and you help them. Anytime I have done thing, I love the smile that many people have. As if, I just restored a little hope to them about humanity. One thing about this world that people need to understand is that people need people to thrive in this world. Without connecting with each other, we will begin to lose humanity. I’ve come to realize that the more I’ve done for other, truly I come to feel better about myself. Try it and see if you feel the same.
  • Make a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs
    Music is LIFE to me. If this world existed without music, I probably wouldn’t want to be here. BUT! this world has an abundance of music that can fit every mood you have and emotion you’re looking to express. Sometimes the best thing for me to do if I’m depressed is to make a playlist of my favorite songs either that I like right now, or songs that take me back to a time period in my life. That playlist can be sad, fun, happy, angry, etc. Either way it will be used as my release technique to help me to get the emotions out that I feel I need to. Hell I have literally made a playlist before that was heartfelt that helped me to cry. Because sometimes you just need a good ass car cry. Either way, when music hits you, you feel no pain, OR it will help to heal your pain.
  • Find a Hobby That Makes You Feel Like a Kid Again
    As adults, many of us look to find a place that makes us feel like a kid a good, or simply a good time in our lives that we wish we can go back to and just stay. One thing for me that takes me back to happy times is a good LEGO set to work on. It might sound crazy, but me purchasing a LEGO and taking a couple hours out of a day to work on it allows my mind to relax, gives me a little quick time and makes me excited to see the end result. If I want to kick it up a notch, play a music playlist I put together and now I’m having a full party by myself LOL! Finding that thing that makes you happy I feel is a #1 key to help you get out of depression by yourself.
  • Being Around People You Love and Love YOU!
    The older I’ve gotten, the more I have come to appreciate family. Growing up as an only child I think sometimes I didn’t understand how important family was because I basically was just with my parents and mostly friends. So I came to appreciate friends sometimes more. As life goes on, we all have come to understand that not all friendships have lasted forever, but you come to see the ones who genuinely love you for being you. Same with family. Recently I was blessed to be able to take my dad to Puerto Rico for his birthday.

    I swear, I truly didn’t care how much we may have put on my credit card (even though we really didn’t even spend that much) I knew I would work to pay it off, but seeing my dad smile, laugh, dance, eat good food, see views that he’s never seen, etc. Literally made my heart smile. This is a feeling that I want to be able to do for anyone I love and that loves me. I promise you, if you have parents who have helped you throughout your life and cared for you. Take them on a trip. It doesn’t even matter where you go, just take them and watch how much they feel from that one trip that they feel all the time they took raising you was well worth it. Same for when my wife and I take our daughter to a new place for her to experience. Seeing smiles from the one I love makes my world a little brighter.
  • Depression is something you have to fight through, but just know. YOU CAN GET THROUGH IT! If anytime you feel that you may need to talk to someone because it’s coming to hard to bare, please make sure to seek therapy, or call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255, or checkout our GET HELP NOW page for more info.

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