Here’s A Best Of Kanye West 76-Track Playlist To Listen To

Kanye West was recently to be the richest black person in U.S. History. After going from being the 4th richest black person, Yeezy easily jumped over Jumpman in the beginning of 2021 to take over the number one spot. If no has learned anything from Kanye it is to get 100% ownership of your sh…! With him owning 100% of Yeezy and distribution deals with Adidas and another with GAP, Kanye has shown the true power of ownership. To top it off, many think he is going to take it even further from being his own production team for everything as he owns over 8,000 acres in the state of Wyoming which he also purchased a warehouse in. Could Yeezyville be coming soon? That a whole nothing topic, but before and during becoming the richest black person in America, Kanye became known for his amazing work in the music industry. To celebrate the hard work of Kanye West, I created a 76-track playlist of many of Kanye’s greatest hits from all nine of his personal albums.

  1. The College Dropout
  2. Late Registration
  3. Graduation
  4. 808s and Heartbreaks
  5. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fanstasy
  6. Yeezus
  7. The Life of Pablo
  8. Ye
  9. Jesus Is King

So if you are a true fan of Kanye West’s work and want to celebrate his growth. Checkout the playlist below:

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