Might Sound Crazy, But 2020 May Have Been My Best Year EVER!

If I went by the news, 2020 was Hell on earth, but as I look back 2020 may have been my most memorable, yet best year ever. When I first came into this year my mantra was “Complete the Task and Stay Focused!”. 2020 was definitely the year that challenged that. 

2020 almost took me down with many others in the beginning, but I continued to tell myself stay focused. Through it all, I figured out ways to better my life now and for the future. From mentally, financial and spiritually. Physically fell off a little, but that’s getting back in order.  In 2020 my wife and I came to understand how to be a better husband and wife. How to be better parents, and for myself, gave me so much time to enjoy this little energetic ball of joy which is our daughter Jayla and celebrate her 1st birthday!

Within 2020 I took the time to understand stocks, came certified as a Life Coach in Relationships, Motivation and Happiness, financially understand how to pay off debt faster (literally paid off 10K in less than 6 months) and jacked my credit score up. To add to it. I gave my wife, mother, mother-in-law and daughter a 3 generation mothers day photoshoot they will never forget, found things that helps me to keep my “peace” such as my childhood love for Lego and who knew going to gun range could be a source of therapy.

Even for this year, my wife and I took an anniversary road trip to Savannah, Ga and the Sapelo Islands. 
But last but not least, I got to take a father and son road trip with my dad to Nashville, TN just to talk, get out and to show him how much I appreciate him. Even though he tried to pay for things when I told him everything is on me. First time I had to curse at him. (I had to use the H word on him)

Out of everything I wanted to do this year, I think the only thing I didn’t complete was a trip for myself. But honestly, I realized this year that my joy came from being around the ones I loved the most, so my vacation for me was simply Home.  To end this year, the family did matching pajamas for Christmas, oh and I got a new car! 

I will never forget 2020, but I’m very excited for what 2021 has in store. Hopefully it holds more time with people I love and people who have love for me. 


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