Dads with Daughters Show Love For Kobe and Gianna Bryant with #GirlDad

On January 26, 2020 the world mourned the lost of basketball legend, Kobe Bryant. For myself, it hurt to hear that another black man has lost his life, but it truly didn’t hit me hard until it was announced that his daughter, Gianna Bryant was on the helicopter with him. At that very moment as I was spending time with my own father as we ate at Three Dollar Cafe, I felt myself fighting back tears as the server continued to come to our table. At that very moment, I realized that many people was mourning the lost of Kobe Bryant as they are fans.

I was mourning his lost in the eyes of a father of a daughter. The last way I would want to leave this world is knowing that everything isn’t going to be ok, but I’m clutching my own daughter and trying to console her, telling her everything is going to be ok, but I know it’s not. Every good dad, I feel, hopes they can be their child’s superhero if the time is ever called and I’m sure Kobe felt the same.

When I thought I may be one of the only one’s who felt this way, social media showed that many dads felt the same. After an interview of Kobe speaking on having all daughters started the regain attention online and him previously posting #GirlDad, many dads showed their love and support by posting pictures of themselves with their daughter(s). If you want something to warm your heart, this should do it, but it may bring a tear or two to your eyes. R.I.P. Kobe Bryant and Gigi Bryant.

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