Obama Portraits Are Coming To Atlanta’s High Museum

Being held at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, the Obama portraits will be taking a little time away from the museum as they will be at the Atlanta’s High Museum from January 13 through March 14.

If being the first black presidential family in the white house, the Obamas definitely made their presences in more known as they didn’t leave out with the traditional looking portrait of themselves. Painted by Georgia born artist, Amy Sherald (1st lady Michelle Obama’s portrait) and Los Angeles native Kehinde Wiley (44th President Barack Obama portrait). Both portraits deliver charisma and personality all from the usual portraits seen from previous presidents.

The portrait will be visiting five museum which include cities Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Houston and will stay for about two months in each location.

“We try to do things that will resonate with our audience,” said Suffolk to the AJC, “and it’s been remarkable, somewhat of a phenomenon, the way these two portraits have resonated with audiences since they were unveiled. They continue to captivate hundreds of thousands of visitors to the National Portrait Gallery every year.”

Well I know where my wife, daughter and I will be going soon!


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