Common Visits LA Jail To help Register Eligible Inmates To Vote

You might be as surprised with this information, but you’re not the only one who is surprised that people in jail can vote. Recently, Hip-Hop artist / actor, Common found this information out as well and on National Voter Registration Day, the Academy Award-winner decided to visit the Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles and encourage inmates to register to vote.

Most times many of us think if someone is in jail, that they are bot eligible to vote. This is not true as Common found this out as well.

“I personally didn’t know that people in jail have the opportunity to vote,” Common said. “So when I was educated on that I thought it was significant and very important for me to be here and also be a part of letting people who are part of the justice system know they have a voice and they have an opportunity to vote and speak out and be recognized as human beings.”

Teaming up with the ACLU called Unlock the Vote which focuses on letting inmates know their voters rights, this could help many get their voices heard who thought they may have lost all rights once behind bars.

With over 17,000 inmates LA Country system alone, approximately 10,000 are eligible to vote due to them not having a felony conviction.


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