Fit, Family & Faith With Personal Trainer Evans Amoako

How To Find Restoration Through Family Fitness

Personal trainer, Evans Amoako, grabbed many people’s attention as he released videos of himself, his wife and 5 month old daughter working out together via Instagram. Going viral as it was shared on multiple profiles, the Bodyfitness owner shows black fathers and black husbands another way to bond with their family. Looking to balance life situations and what/who you love? Try working out together.

The older we get, the more things are put onto our plate. No matter if it’s from bill, marriage, having kids, staying healthy and more. Many black men have to understand how to keep their serenity, but also what does serenity mean to them. Even with looking for answers myself some days, I feel that the Houston, Texas based trainer has one of the best answers. Get your family involved! We all have situations when we want our own personal time, but sometimes rather than being by yourself, you need to be with the ones you love the most.

After seeing a couple of videos of the Amoako family, we had to ask Evans a few questions about himself, his family and how he retains his “SIRenity”.

Would you say working out as a family has strength you all’s bond?
Yes, it has helped us to learn how to communicate more effectively w/each other. Also, through working out as a family it has made us physically and mentally stronger.

How did you come up with the idea to add you all’s daughter to your workout plan?
We decide to include our daughter into our workouts to strengthen our family bond and also encourage other families to workout with their kids.

Other than working out, how are some other ways you have come to spend Father-Daughter/Family time?
We spend time going to park, reading to her, teaching new things and plenty of playtime.

How do you feel men can take better control of their health?
The most important thing is exercising & eating healthy daily.

How do you find a work / life balance?
Although I am very committed to my craft of being a personal trainer, I make sure that I setup time to spend w/my family.

What are some things you do, to help yourself find a sense of peace?
Running and having bible studies w/my family.

What are your thoughts on the state of black men’s mental health?
Being a black man in modern day America is challenging especially with everything that is going on. Mental health issues is on the rise and I believe that we (black men) need to concentrate on the positive things in life and concentrate on making ourselves great w/the goals we have in life.

What would be your top three tips to help someone make time to exercise?
1) Find time to exercise
2) Make sure to stay dedicated to it
3) Remember the 1st two points

What is a personal mantra/quote that motivates you each day?
“A great man doesn’t need an introduction to himself”

As a black man in America, what does “serenity” mean to you?
Having a happy family and a peaceful home
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