Are Boys Easier To Raise, Or Are We Just Overprotective of Girls?

Recently I was tagged in a facebook post that was being share heavily as it stated that boys have been incorrectly raised for so long that it has become the norm. As I read it at first, I agreed heavily with the point the guy was getting across, but as I started to think more on it and seeing how lenient we are on males, I started to change my thoughts on it. Asking myself at this point. Are Boys easier to raise? Or are we just overprotective of girls?

Just so you can understand the post that was shared, I posted it below.


I mean when I first read it, I left a heart emoji and all, but with a great post that makes you think, you end up pondering on it later. This was one of those posts. Even when you’re going about your day you bring it up in conversations, contemplate about it to yourself, etc. Then I started to think, why don’t more parents let their daughters date at younger ages? Or why we allow boys to discover themselves throughout there lives. Crazy enough to state, but it simply came down to one subject for me. SEX! That was it, SEX! Write up is complete.

In society, we have been taught to protect a girls body as she matures. Some can say, because they don’t want their daughter to get pregnant, others may say simply because it’s a crazy world out there and they don’t want anything to happen to her. In this case, parents begin to take time to make sure their daughters are involved in more curricular activities, focus on their academics and pay more attention to what is influencing their minds as they grow up.

Boys on the other hand, are allow to be a little more free. Parent want to keep them out of harms way, but it’s more in the situation of making sure they stay out the street, stop fighting, don’t jump off of this and that. Basically don’t make me have to take your butt to the hospital,  PLEASE! Boys are allowed to be themselves so much, to the point we actually have the phrase, “Boys will be boys”. The post above I still have to agree with. We don’t take much time on boys growth as we should, but also, the same way we are protective of girls, we should be protecting boys the same way.

Many parent when their kids begin to hit their preteens and especially teenage years, start to hope that their daughters are not concerned with being sexual active. All while being a boy, we have been talking about, having sex and looking for sex since probably middle school for most. There has to be a balance with knowledge in these circumstances somewhere. Why? because if you are afraid of your daughter to get pregnant, shouldn’t we be more concerned about boys getting girls pregnant?

In today’s society, we look down on so many men who up and leave when a girl/women conceives a child, yet, we have subliminally taught them that they don’t have to worry about consequences, or take responsibility for their doings. This doesn’t give them the right in any way, but we have to ask at some point, why does this happen so much. Most men also figure that all girls should be on birth control to prevent births, but yet, will battle with putting a condom on. In all of these circumstances, we are putting all of the responsibilities on women and yet we get upset, when women are fed up. Women shouldn’t have to deal with the grunt of the weight and it makes you wonder are girls being raised the correct way, or are they being coddled to much?

The reason why I state this is because if anyone has ever gone to college, or a trip with girls who have been sheltered to much, you will automatically know which ones you have to watch out for. This can be good for some, but can go bad VERY QUICK. During college and after high school the girls who finally got a piece of freedom, is out from under mom and dads wings and now they can act “grown” by there definition, were always the ones that came out with the craziest stories. Academically they could have came to the school with the highest SAT scores, but could be back home dealing with everything their parents feared their entire life of growing up.

One thing I loved about growing up in my neighborhood, is most of the parents came to know each other in some shape, or form, which allowed many of use to hang with each other. No matter girl, or boy, from this many of the girls came to understand the games boys played at an early age, how to handle themselves (physically if they ever had to fight) and lastly, many of the boy came to realize how to treat girls.

Both boys and girls are raised wrong in society. Boys need less freedom and more understanding of the world around them, all while girls need more freedom, to better understand themselves. Life is about balance and when growing up, we need Freedom with a sense of Accountability. With any child, because they’re some boys that are being sheltered today, due to many parent feeling that the world is coming too dangerous.

Statistically anything that happens to girls can happen to boys as well and boys should be taught that. 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse. I could care less what anyone says, if a boy gets a girl pregnant, he needs to know he is pregnant too. That is your responsibility as well.

So both, need a few changes in how they are raised. Because we are setting up men to fail and for women then to come behind them and accept the responsibility to correct the problem.

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