Austin Perine

Austin Perine Is Warming The Hearts of America By Feeding The Homeless

Their is no such thing as being to young to start putting your mark on the world. 4 year old, Austin Perine, knows this very well as he looks to #SHOWLOVE by feeding the homeless and others in need across the nation.

Starting off by filling the hearts of people via social media with videos of himself giving food to the homeless in Alabama, Austin has started to get much attention from many people across the nation. Saving his allowance to buy chicken sandwiches for the needy, has gotten Austin spotlighted on shows such as CNN, CBS, Access, AJC, The Steve Harvey show and more!

From his great work and the support of his parents, Austin has received the Key to the City in Mobile and Prichard, Alabama. To help this young man with so much black boy magic to go further in his goal of helping the homeless, Southwest Airlines has helped to sponsor the Show Love foundation for a 10 city tour, which includes serving in Puerto Rico to help those in need.

If you think that is all, this young man’s nonprofit movement also helps to clothed 200 3rd and 4th grade low income kids in Phoenix, AZ!

When it came to Austin’s story what I came to love about this as well as that his parents didn’t tell him to wait till he got older, or worry about being to tired to help Austin pursue a dream. They helped him and the most touching part was in the interview, his father came to understand his purpose by helping is son fulfill his. Many times we all can feel lost, or that where we are is where we are going to stay. Even though, he could have kept himself in that slump and brought his son with him, he showed the strength of a black dad and help his son to help others when, honestly, he may have needed help himself. Only to find that the cure for his pain was in the helping of others.

I love both Austin and his father’s story within this one movement. Because it shows that kindness can soon heal what we feel is weakness. If you would like to support Austin, donate to his Go Fund Me as they are very close to their max goal.

Watch Austin Perine and his father’s interview on the Steve show below:

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