Colin Kaepernick To Be Inducted Into His High School’s Hall of Fame

Colin Kaepernick is living his best life all while still having time to go back and forth with Amerikkka. With the NFL’s official kick-off going into it’s second week, Kaepernick continues to be a role model for many kids and young adults today. So much so, that the former 49ers quarterback will be inducted into the Hall of Fame of his Turlock, California High School.

Set to be inducted into Pitman High School’s hall of fame on November 3rd, the school’s A.D., Dave Wells, tells KCRA, “Colin was chosen, like all the others, for their contribution to the history of athletes here at Pitman.”

The major of Turlock, Calif., John Lazar, continues to show love to Kaepernick as he states “Colin Kaepernick still has much respect”. In the past, he also gave Kaepernick a key to the city of Turlock.

This information comes out a week after Nike releases that Kaep is one of their spokesman as they released a new commercial.

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