Father-Son Duo Launch Nonprofit Teaching Black Teens About Stocks and Investments

Within the black community financial literacy is one thing many of us lack. Not because we don’t to know about it, but because that information was kept away from many of us. A Father-Son duo looks to change that launched Junior Wallstreeters, Inc.

Kevon and Kamari Chisolm, the co-founders of the nonprofit looks to help black teens to understand investments and stocks. The two hope that in time, it will build a generation of great investors who is are in a position to change their financial future.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, a white household is reported to have a net worth of almost 10 times the amount of a black household according to the Brookings Institute. With numbers showing a range from $171,000 to $17,150. From the pandemic hitting black small businesses harder and slow processes for relief loans, the wealth gap could grow larger.

Junior Wallstreeters looks to decrease the racial wealth gap with programs that will cover topics that deal with financial literacy, investing, stock analysis, real estate and cryptocurrency.


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